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I have been working with the pupils at Fairford Academy Barnehurst for a couple of years now teaching them new skills in skipping during a series of workshops with pupils of all ages across the school.

  • The school has a calm and positive atmosphere.
  • The pupils are enthusiastic, focused and a joy to work with.
  • it is lovely to see the older children helping the younger children. Great teamwork!

I look forward to working with the pupils in the future.


  • Lovely, friendly school. Many thanks to our tour guide. (parent)
  • Very impressed with the school, the work we have seen and lessons. Children are well behaved and happy. (parent)
  • Love this school, great displays. Children do well here! (parent)
  • Classrooms are very bright and lovely places to learn. The children are very well behaved. (parent)
  • The school is very friendly and well organised. Our tour guides were amazing. I really wish I had come to this school when I was a child! (parent)
  • The children have confidence and nice manners. It is nice to see that they take pride in their school. (parent)
  • The displays look great and all the children appear happy. I was amazed at the amount of space the school has. The thought of a grandparents day was excellent! (grandparent)
  • A great variety of work on display, children obviously engage with their learning. We are very happy we chose this school for our grandchild. Thank you. (grandparent)


  • Our tour guides have been excellent today. They were both very knowledgeable about their school and clearly very proud of it. We really enjoyed our tour. It was lovely that they asked Finley what he would like to tell us and pointed out things he might want to show us. Thank you! (parent)
  • Love being shown around by my children. Very impressed with the behaviour of the children and standard of the children’s work. Thank you. (parent)
  • Very impressed with the tour guides. Very explanatory and walking back into the previous classes my son was in brought back good memories and a tear to my eye. Well done everybody. Great transformation. Thank you. (parent)
  • Our tour guide was Luke. Very nice boy. Answered all of the questions I had. Made us feel very welcome. (parent)
  • Tour guides were very informative and helpful. It is a lovely idea and gives me the chance to see what work my children have been doing.(parent)

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Fairford Academy Barnehurst,

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