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 Science at Fairford Academy Barnehurst


At Fairford Academy Barnehurst, we believe that science should be based upon practical activities in which children are actively investigating a problem or question relevant to their own experience and topic. Science should stimulate and develop an attitude of curiosity, questioning and problem solving. 



At Fairford, the intent is for all children to develop their scientific knowledge in line with the National Curriculum. This will be achieved through an equal share of well-taught sessions and investigations, to make all children feel like a scientist. Children should be able to consider the role science plays in the world, whilst considering the career opportunities this could lead to. 



Children will be taught well-planned lessons and be able to create exciting and engaging investigations, which slowly remove the scaffolding and allow children to become more independent scientists. In addition, when completing practical science, children will be given the opportunity to discuss, share and collaborate with their peers. Children will be given unique opportunities and consider how the impact of science has an effect upon their local community. 



Children will feel like confident scientists. By the end of each topic, children are able to discuss their learning and link it to the outside world.  Children can discuss the enquiry-based skills used whilst being able to develop their own investigations both independently or as part of a team. Children will have a broader scientific language bank, consider opportunities for their future and can show at least expected progress.









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