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Maths at Fairford Academy Barnehurst



At Fairford Academy Barnehurst, our intent is to encourage all children to have the confidence to enable them to use their skills to solve a range of problems through fluency with numbers and mathematical reasoning. We aim for the children to leave Fairford as confident and independent mathematicians, with a deep understanding of Maths. This allows the children to recognise the maths that surrounds them every day, which will enable them to be able to develop vital life skills.



The 3 aims of the National Curriculum are fluency, reasoning and problem solving. At Fairford, we teach these aims through the mastery approach. The mastery approach is a belief that:

  • all children are capable of understanding and doing Mathematics;
  • children are efficient in their fluency skills enabling them to apply them to a range of increasingly complex problems;
  • children have access to concrete resources, are able to represent through pictures and diagrams and as a result access abstract symbols to create a depth of understanding;
  • all children are challenged at their own level, with support being given to struggling learners, and explorations of concepts at greater depth for the children exceeding at their age level;
  • mastery learning is transferable to a range of problems, teaching children to think outside the box, be efficient, be resilient, make connections and apply real life contexts to their learning.



A deep understanding is achieved by learning each topic in greater depth. children master concepts rather than learning procedures by rote. Number sense and place value comes first, and is of great importance as it underpins everything mathematical. We recognise that fluency is not just about remembering facts but being able to apply those facts to all areas of their mathematical learning.



Values, Vision and SMSC

Here you will find more information on what Maths looks like at Fairford Academy Barnehurst and how we link this to SMSC.




Maths Ambassadors

Our ambassadors promote Maths throughout the school by coming up with innovative ideas, creating events and competitions and monitoring Maths throughout the school.


The targets below show the steps that your children will take over the year to achieve the National Curriculum aims. 


Maths Events 

At Fairford we host a range of Maths events throughout the year. Below is some information about some of the events we have run.

Family Learning 

We are very pleased to welcome the Learning & Enterprise College Bexley into Fairford Academy Barnehurst to deliver numeracy courses to parents and carers of our Reception and KS1 pupils. These sessions, running over nine weeks, are geared to give parents the skills to be able to help their child at home. 

Websites and Apps

Here you can find some age appropriate websites for your child to access as well as helpful information for parents and carers. 


Year 2 and Year 6, each year, take their SATS. Below is some useful information and practice papers.  


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