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School Houses

Here at Fairford Academy Barnehurst, every pupil is allocated a School House. During the course of their time at Fairford, each pupil will participate in various activities, with the target result being to achieve as many house points per week as they can.


Pupils can achieve house points by:

  • Climbing the Behaviour Diamond - We promote and encourage positive behaviour of all of our pupils. Good behaviour is rewarded via the Behaviour Diamond with pupils going 'up the diamond' and gaining house points as they do this. 
  • Working hard or doing something special.
  • Waking part in competitions or challenges.
  • Taking part in sporting activities - During lunch time break, pupils compete in various activities where they can achieve house points.


As well as trying to achieve House Points, pupils are also invited to sit with their fellow house team friends during lunch time. This promotes a 'team' ethos and encourages pupils to make friends with pupils in other year groups.


Pupils also compete as part of their house team during sports day and wear the corresponding house colour t-shirt.



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