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Children Wellbeing Information

At Fairford Academy Barnehurst we believe that the emotional health and well-being of our pupils is fundamental to their enjoyment of school and their ability to learn. To this end, we strive to create a whole school community collectively working together, identifying needs, nurturing and supporting a positive educational experience to enable all pupils to thrive. 

Wellbeing Strategy

Well-Being Ambassadors


The role of a well-being ambassador:


We are very proud of our enthusiastic well-being ambassadors. They run lunch time clubs and support their peers in the following ways:


  • Be a positive role model
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Run lunch time well-being clubs
  • Reduce the stigma around mental health amongst their peers
  • Encourage children to talk and share
  • Be someone that can listen, support people and ask for help


Essential characteristics and attributes shared by all our Ambassadors are:


  • Enthusiasm and active participation
  • Reliability and commitment
  • Great communication skills and great listeners
  • Versatile team workers who can take the initiative when things don't go to plan
  • An interest in helping prospective pupils with their decisions
  • Ability to pass difficult issues onto a trusted adult
  • Willingness to help
  • Confidence with a willingness to learn
  • Enthusiastic, friendly and approachable
  • Punctual, flexible and reliable

Well-Being Award


At Fairford Academy Barnehurst we are currently working towards the achievement of the Well-being Award, so that we can promote the Well-being and Mental Health of both pupils and staff. This is the responsibility of everyone in the school community and we aim to ensure that the long term ethos and culture of the school reflects this.


We aim to:


  • Promote mental health as part of everyday school life
  • Improve the emotional well-being of all staff and pupils
  • Ensuring mental health problems are identified early and appropriate support provided
  • Offer provision and interventions that match the needs of our pupils and staff
  • Raise awareness of the importance of mental health awareness and understanding
  • Capture the views of parents, pupils and teachers on mental health issues

Looking After Myself Assembly Powerpoint

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