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Fairford Academy Barnehurst home page

Fairford Academy Barnehurst

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EYFS (Nursery & Reception)

Illuminate Minds Early Years Foundation Stage is focused on encouraging a child’s passion for lifelong learning and achieving their full potential in education and life’s opportunities. Our Early Years staff are passionate about providing memorable experiences through interactive play and observations both inside and outside. We encourage our parents to be active in their child’s learning from the beginning. Relationships with all staff is very important to ensure that every child feels safe,  happy, encouraged and valued in all our settings. Every decision we make within the Trust has the child at the heart of every decision. We are striving to provide excellence every day in all activities including provision.

This is a new Trust with strong leadership and  new outlooks/ideas to stimulate a child’s mind.
I am more than happy to make time to discuss any aspects of EYFS with any parents, please contact the school to arrange a meeting.

Mrs Rackstraw Trust


If you are interested in sending your child to Fairford Academy Barnehurst and you would like to find out more about the school, please click on the links below:






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Fairford Academy Barnehurst,

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