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Year 5 Persuasive Writing Task

This week Mrs Whittington spoke with Year 5 pupils about the fact that she was considering giving them extra homework every evening. She asked them to write a persuasive letter addressed to her stating whether they agreed or disagreed with this and why. They were tasked with using P.P.E. (Point, Evidence, Explain) to detail their argument for or against. The children are working hard on their fantastic replies.


Here are a couple of examples of paragraphs from some letters:


"Dear Mrs Whittington, I am writing to you to persuade you to see extra homework as a bad thing. Of course you must have noticed that 6 hours a day, 5 days a week we are learning? So you must know that 1 or 2 hours of school after school isn't necessary. I'm compelled to convince you that our amount of homework is just fine". William, 5S


"Dear Mrs Whittington, I am writing to express my disappointed heart that you think bringing back more homework is actually a good idea. I am totally against the idea of more homework, I can tell you why in this letter. If we had more homework everyday we wouldn't be able to do things with family". Olivia, 5S


Mrs Whittington is looking forward to reading the finished letters!

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