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Fairford Academy Barnehurst home page

Fairford Academy Barnehurst

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Our Curriculum Intent



At Illuminate Minds, the pupils are at the heart of everything we do. We set high expectations and provide
holistic, thrilling and rewarding learning opportunities for all of our pupils to leave them feeling determined
and motivated to be active, life-long learners.

We provide excellence everyday, through an engaging and diverse curriculum that harnesses pupils’
imagination. We ensure that cross-curricular opportunities are planned and delivered to meet the needs of
all pupils, providing them with a variety of cultural capital experiences. From these foundations, we encourage
pupils to be aspirational, critical thinkers; allowing them to become good citizens.
We offer pupils broad and balanced, cross-curricular opportunities, going beyond the requirements of the
national curriculum. We have a high focus on vocabulary, key skills and real life experiences building on prior
learning, to help them develop academically, physically and creatively into well-rounded individuals. We
ensure all pupils possess the relevant skills and knowledge to become confident to enter the next stage of
their education.

The core British Values underpins the curriculum, to enable our pupils to become collaborative, resilient
learners, who are independent and responsible citizens with global awareness. We provide them with the
skills they require to become the future decision makers.
Positive attitudes to learning are embedded throughout, so that the pupils are keen, curious, enthusiastic
learners, who are empowered to take ownership of their own learning. Our pupils will ultimately become
confident and successful adults who achieve their life goals and dreams.


To meet the requirements of the Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum in terms of core and
foundation subjects and work within the framework of both Bexley and school policies, specifically to:

● Enable all pupils to learn and develop their skills to the best of their ability.
● Provide exciting and memorable experiences to ensure pupils are inspired to learn.
● Encourage all pupils to become self-confident, self-regulatory and courteous; to set their own
high standards and learn to appreciate when they have attained them.
● Ensure all pupils receive a full and varied curriculum which meets their needs and interests.
● Support pupils to reach a high standard of literacy and maths skills through specific teaching and
the application of these skills to learning across the curriculum.
● Ensure that knowledge and skills are taught progressively so that pupils build on what they
already know and understand.
● Allow pupils to achieve depth to their learning by applying their knowledge and skills in a range
of contexts and subjects.
● Teach pupils the essential social and emotional skills, as well as how to keep physically and
mentally healthy.
● Encourage pupils to be caring, responsible and active citizens who positively contribute to the
local and wider community and environment.
● Balance pupil’s knowledge of their place in the world, with a strong understanding of their
● Create and maintain an exciting and stimulating learning environment.

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Fairford Academy Barnehurst,

Fairford Avenue, Bexleyheath, DA7 6QP

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