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Fairford Academy Barnehurst home page

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Our Curriculum Implementation



We pride ourselves on creating a safe and stimulating environment to engage all learners to take risks with
their learning and feel there are no limits to their curiosity.

Children are taught using our bespoke teaching and learning model, which encourages them to become critical
thinkers and reflective learners. Skills and knowledge are taught progressively to ensure learning is built upon
enabling children to have a deep and meaningful understanding. Using a Growth Mindset approach, pupils
feel confident to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

Our bespoke topic based curriculum is structured with clear progression, so that all stakeholders are aware of
the pupils’s learning journey from EYFS to Year 6 and beyond. Opportunities are built in for pupils to make
connections between subjects and core themes throughout their time at our schools. However, pupils are
taught each subject explicitly so they leave our schools with strong subject knowledge ready for the next stage
on their learning journey.

Providing pupils with opportunities to extend their learning outside of school so they become members of
their local community is a vital part of implementing our curriculum. Each topic provides pupils with different

experiences such as their Super Starts, Marvellous Middles and Fabulous Finishes or Epic Endings. Through
these experiences pupils build relationships with the wider community whilst celebrating their learning with
members of the local area and all stakeholders. On entry to school, children begin working through a Pupil
Primary Journal which provides them with cultural capital experiences and opportunities that enable them to
become global citizens. While some of these opportunities can be outside of school, many will be experienced
through our exciting and engaging curriculum, ensuring equal opportunities. These experiences progress each year and children will work towards achieving appropriate goals.

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