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Fairford Academy Barnehurst home page

Fairford Academy Barnehurst

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Our Parent Teacher Association is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for all students at Fairford Academy Barnehurst. This year we have collaborated with teachers, staff, and other parents to host school events and advocate for a quality education.


This year we have hosted:


- Discos

- Competitions: Pumpkin Carving/Easter Bonnet 

- Christmas Fete

- Break the rules Day

- FAB Fun Day 


We have held Raffles, Challenges, had visits and gifts from The Easter Bunny and Father Christmas. 


We really enjoy making fun and wonderful memories together. We have managed to raise enough funds for the school to enhance classroom supplies, donate to the forest school and buy treats throughout the year, we are a fairly new PTA so we are looking forward to raising more funds for bigger projects in the future.

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Fairford Academy Barnehurst,

Fairford Avenue, Bexleyheath, DA7 6QP

Telephone: 01322 333 998 Email: