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Trustees and Governors Visit

This week, Trustees and Governors visited our school to meet with pupils and staff. They had a tour of our FAB school and saw the wonderful learning offer that our pupils received. They watched presentations about our curriculum developments, our teaching and learning pedagogy, early reading and phonics and Early Years. They looked at how attendance and progress is improving across our schools before finishing exploring governance across the Trust.

It was a positive day and the Trustees and Governors were impressed with how our pupils presented themselves and how engaged they were with their learning.

We also welcomed five members of staff from a local Trust in Dartford who were also very impressed with our school and again, particularly with our pupils. They said our pupils are very well behaved, really interested in their learning and extremely proud of their own school. They were very impressed with how they conducted themselves within lessons and around the school and how #happyandbright our school is.

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