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Reading at Fairford Academy Barnehurst

At Fairford Academy Barnehurst, we value reading and see it as a very important tool to help our pupils to grow and develop their love of language and thirst for learning. With this in mind, we have purchased thousands of pounds worth of books for each classroom as well as more books for our wonderful library area.

We have commissioned Arty Party to work with the children and make some fantastic book characters for our library area. I'm sure you will agree that these look absolutely amazing and make our library a 'happy and bright' place for the children to enjoy a book or two.

Here's what our pupils have to say about reading and the exciting new books that we have purchased:


'I love reading because I like the letters in the books and that is why I love school' Layla, Class RE


'I like looking at the pictures and I enjoy reading at home with my mummy' Zarina, Class RE


'I enjoy getting sucked into reading for hours and these new books are novels so I will be able to read for hours' Rylan, Year 5


'I didn't know we were getting these books and it is a nice opportunity to read new ones. Thank you Mrs Whittington' Nancy, Year 5

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