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House Captains and School Council

At Normandy Primary School, we like to develop pupil's independence skills for the future; it's one of our core values. We are proud of the many opportunities that we offer from class monitor, House Captain, School Council member to litter pickers to name a few.



Year 6 vote for their House Captains with any child in year 6 able to stand for election. The children vote for who they think can represent their house in a positive and encouraging way. Congratulations to the following children for becoming joint House Captains for this year.


RUBY - Maddie A-R, Ramadan B and Amy I

AMBER - Isabelle T, Keira-Leigh M and Jamie F

EMERALD - Bebe B, Charlie D and Sonny F

SAPPHIRE - Behzat S, Keira C and Kian M



The children have been voting for their School Council representatives. They listened to the candidates manifestos and voted using real booths and ballot boxes. Congratulations to the following children:


YEAR 2 - Rubie O, Lacey B and Callum C

YEAR 3 - Ellie H, Olivia B and Amylia A

YEAR 4 - Ava S, Aarnav K and Leah B

YEAR 5 - Rubin H, Aron M and Enisa I

YEAR 6 - Samuel O, Michael O and Lacey D


Mrs Whittington looks forward to being invited to the School Council meetings and listening to the children's ideas to develop the school and also planned special events.



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