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Week Seven





This term we will be learning about living things and their habitats.


Do you remember the seven life processes (Think about MRS GREN)?

Can you list them and write a sentence to explain each one? 


Have a look at the powerpoint. You can check your answers to the first task here. Then read about how animals are classified based on their characteristics. Discuss what you think classification means.


Finally, have a go at copmpleting the classification quiz that is attached below.




There is a selection of activity sheets which show Venn diagrams. Choose a sheet that will challenge you, and using the list of animals provided, complete it. You could do a second if you really want to challenge yourself further. Perhaps you could cut the animals out and create your own Venn diagram.


Then, there is an aextension activity which you need to complete. This Venn diagram has a third circle. 


Good luck.




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