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When visiting this page please scroll to the bottom as there may be new activities and ideas uploaded. 

Summer Term Message


Hello Year 6!




Please see the Home Learning page for PE. Check the week you are in (beginning with Monday) select that week and go on to select the weekly plan. These weekly plans have a full weeks worth of PE activities on it and the links will take you to them. Read the descriptions. Also, there might be other links apart from the weekly plan that are fun and interesting for you to do. 


You can follow them exactly, which is easiest or you can take more control and use what I have made available to make your own plans. Being in year 6 you are capable of doing that now.


The key is to stay active.


I advise you all to take part in regular physical activity, to eat healthy and stay hydrated. If you have been sitting for too long, stand up and do some stretches or do some exercises on the spot, go for a walk around your home or select one of the videos and do a full training session. Computer games can be played standing up and you can do exercises in the adverts if you are watching TV. That could be a fun game: a new exercise from a different person during the adverts. 


You may have learned enough exercises and know how to put a training session together that you make it up on the spot. You know when you have exercised properly when you are breathing heavier, sweating a little, a little bit achy. Don't over do it. Be safe. 


Remember to have a drink ready and do it how it suits you! You might do lots of 5 minutes sessions throughout each day or one big session in the morning, lunchtime or in the evening. It's up to you. Just be proactive and get to work wink


Exercise Plan example

You can create an exercise plan of your own.

Design a plan to exercise 3-5 times a week. Edit this each week to change the exercises you do.

Each exercise should have 2-3 sets of an activity, for example 15 star jumps repeated three times. You do one set of 15 star jumps and rest for 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 seconds. You can rest for 2 or 3 minutes if you want to, but then you do another set of 15, then rest for the same amount of time and do your final set. Once you have completed your sets of star jumps, you pick a new exercise and repeat the same pattern.


Exercise:            Repetitions:            Sets:            Total Repetitions:            Rest period between sets:        

Star Jumps          15                             3                   45                                      30 seconds

Press-ups            5-10                          3                   15-30                                 60 seconds

Plank                   1                               2                    2                                        3-90 seconds


You can write it down. Also, have a timer (stopwatch on watch, phone, computer if available) and set it so you keep to the times.

It is important to exercise to the point where your heart rate is elevated and you feel like your have tried.

Remember, don't try too much at once. It's best to do regular and short sessions, not one big one so you are wiped out.


Keep checking the PE links and all other subjects so you are up to date on what is available. 


Take Care


Mr Reed

19/5/2020 - Meditation


Hello year 6. I hope you are all well and are doing all you can to stay safe (social distancing, washing hands, general hygiene.) 


I came across this information and thought it would be useful. Read it through.


Meditation is a good tool to use to relax, energise and calm worrying thoughts. Worry leads to anxiety if you don't manage it and sometimes it is hard to do. Honestly, there are some things that have happened recently and are happening now to do with COVID19 that could lead some people to worry more and here is one thing you can do to manage it and feel better.


How to do meditate.


Time - Maximum is twice a day for 20 minutes each time, which is 40 minutes a day. Do it in morning before breakfast and  in the afternoon. Of course you can do it just once a day and for a shorter period. You can do it for as little time as you can manage and can build up to 20 minutes. Set a countdown stopwatch for whatever time you want to do. 


Lets keep things simple. To begin, start being mindful. 

1 - Sit down - Sit down with good posture, your hands on your knees and close your eyes.

2 - Breath - Breathing is super important. Don't force breathing, only pay attention to it. 

3 - Listen - Start listening. There are lots of sounds around you.

4 - Notice - Notice how your body feels. Focus on your hands and feet or arms and legs.

Do this all the while you are sitting there and when your mind starts to wonder with thoughts, questions, images, stories and so on, bring your attention back by using these four techniques. 

5 - Meditation - In time you will feel more relaxed and slip into a calmer state and this is meditation.  


Remember this - You have not failed at meditation if you can't stop your brain from thinking. The very act of sitting down and attempting to meditate means you have succeeded at meditating.


It is impossible to stop your brain from thinking. I heard a great quote the other day, "Your brain thinks involuntarily like your heart beats involuntarily." What that means is your brain is going to think no matter what, just like your heart beats no matter what. You can't stop your heart from beating because that's what is meant to do. It's the same with the brain, you can't stop it from doing what it is meant to do, which is to think. So let thoughts be and don't attach yourself to them. Let them come and go like a person walking by on the street. 


Meditation is a skill


The point of meditation is not to be good at meditation. It's not a sporting activity. The point is to use it to be better at living. It is to be used as a tool to relax, energise, and focus. Remember, don't try not to think, that's impossible. Just follow the steps I have given and when you are done get on with your day, you will probably find that things are easier because you sat and did nothing for 20 minutes lol laugh


PS - teachers, musicians, prime ministers, doctors, writers, presidents, bankers, actors, athletes, painters and more are people that meditate. If you want, research people who meditate. You will be surprised.


Mr Reed










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