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Hello laugh 

When you visit this page make sure you scroll down to the bottom each time because we will add activities and ideas to it and that's where they will be.

Take care and stay safe. 

WW2 Project.


Build a model by of a WW2 plane, such as the Messerschmidt bf 109, Spitfire or the Hawker Hurricane, by reusing and recycling household materials.


- The size and ratio of the parts of the plane.

- The colours.

- Is it accessible for the pilot.

- Including a moving mechanical feature, eg the propeller.


This is a project to develop over the next six weeks. We can't wait to see them.



Propaganda art


Research 'woman in WW2 propaganda'.

How do these images and messages make you feel?

Can you recreate one of these propaganda images?



Anne Frank


Who was Anne Frank? Why is she famous now?

Was she famous during WW2?


We would like to reserach Anne Frank and write a diary as if you were her, documenting three different days. Think about how she felt, what she though about the people she was with, how these feelings changed towards different people and what were her hopes? Why was she in hiding? 


Then, think about similarities and differences to how you are feeling at home at the moment?

Can you empathize with her? Did she have the technology you have to get through?


Anne Frank wrote a diary which was published much later. On the home learning home page, you were encouraged to keep a diary whilst at home during this time. Perhaps one day your diary will be published.


Compare and contrast WW2 evacuation to COVID19 isolation.


What was done that was the same to take care of children during WW2 and now?

What was done that was different?

Be thoughtful, creative and think outside the box creating this work. Produce something that you would be happy to share when you return to school - story, poem, fact-file, picture.

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